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Connection between P.P Pipe Fitting and U.PVC Pipe Fitting

Code No.:dd1d2d3DL1L2L3
C 101 50 48 48 76 69 33 25 23
C 102 63 60 62 93 87 38 28 28
C 103 75 75 81 117 99 45 32 28


 Installation Example


Flooded Suction

As long as the level of the tank liquid maintained above the height of the pump head the pump will not run dry. The level can be controlled by a suitable level switch




Suction with foot valve

The use of this suction mode is only recommended for transporting clean media which guarantee the safe functioning of the non-return valve. The pump must be fully primed before starting






Suction with foot valve

The priming chamber must be filled before starting. The level is maintained when the pump is running by the vacuum formed in the suction pipe. The volume formed in the suction pipe. The volume of the priming chamber is matached to the pump parformance.




Storage tank
Receiving tank
Priming chamber
Centrifugal pump
Suction pipe
Pressure pipe
Shut-off valve
Suction filter
foot valve, non-return valve

 Pressure Pipe Fittings

Going to distributing pump

  Going to distributing tower