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UPVC Fitting (Installation)


 Typical Installation above ground drainage soil and waste system:



1- connecting soil stacks to below ground drainage
2- connecting waste pipe to below ground drainage
3- connecting WCS to soil stacks
4- connecting waste pipe to soil pipe
5- access fitting
6- connecting washing machines
7- making expansion joints
8- securing soil pipe and allowing for thermal movement
9- jointing UPVC waste pipe
10- connecting waste and overflow outlets
11- connecting traps to waste pipe and sanitary appliances
12- connecting WCS to branch pipes
13- fittings for soil and vent stacks above roof level
14- perforation of the roof
15- perforation of the wall to drain





Typical Installation of below ground drains and sewer system:

1- connecting of soil stack to drain
2- unequal branch connecting for floor gulley
3- floor gulley to washing machine drain
4- two 45 bends and pipe assembly
5- rodding eye
6- G.R.P manhole
7- connecting of drain to sewer by unequal branch
8- level invert reducer
9- small and large sewer